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Yakutia By Capt Jack Productions

Editor’s Note: Having inside information from Jako Lucas (Capt. Jack Productions) & drooling over raw footage in the build-up to its official release, we were as excited as school kids on Christmas morning to get our hands on the full-length version of Yakutia.

We’ve all seen Jako’s epic Taimen drone eat, right? Well, imagine a 15-minute fish fest of insane footage in one of the wildest place on earth. Yakutia showcases the adventuring spirit that attracts so many of us to the sport of fly fishing. Very few places on earth are as wild, as remote & offer such diverse fishing opportunities; Yakutia by Capt. Jack Films showcases it all!

You can read the official excerpt below, and it is easy to follow the Vimeo links for rental & download details.

Yakutia from Capt Jack Productions on Vimeo.

A journey deep into Siberia

In 2005 Ilya Sherbovich, owner of Ponoi River Russia, began exploring the rivers of remote Siberia. His expeditions were no small task and not for the faint of heart. The first trip took him to two rivers, the Besuki and Olanjok, in Yakutia province. It was a successful mission but Ilya and his mates knew they had just scratched the surface.

11 years later Ilya amassed a crew of a dozen anglers and explorers with the goal of surveying further into the Yakutia province than ever before.

Yakutia is the story of this intrepid group and their adventure across 10 far-flung Siberian rivers. Within these distant watersheds they find taimen, lennok, grayling and monster pike while engaging in an ultimate pursuit for Russian Nelma… a giant predatory fish which has never been caught on a fly.

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