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Vagabond Fly Epic Rod

In collaboration with the crew at Swift Fly Fishing who produce the evolutionary range of Epic Fast Glass rods we sent each segment of an ‘Epic Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Kit’ to a different local South African Rod Builder to produce a truly unique and Vagabond Fly Epic Rod – each segment is completely different with individualized wraps!

The Vagabond Fly Epic Rod is a true wanderer and international traveler; members of our audience simply have to get their name on the waiting list and when it finally reaches them get the opportunity to fish the rod on their home-waters.

Landing a 20”+ fish (regardless of the specie) means you get to sign your name on the Ivory White rod tube before sending it on to the next person.

EPIC Rod_1

The rules are few and simple:

  1. Get your name on the list by dropping an email to Pieter@vagabondfly.com
  2. Once it is your turn you get to spend 4 weeks (1-month) with the rod
  3. Be sure to grab some photos of you fishing the rod on your home-waters
  4. Should you catch a 20”+ fish on the rod you can sign your name on the rod tube (photographic proof is not required but we would dig to see your catch!)
  5. We will contact you and advise where the rod needs to be sent next – NOTE that by putting your name on the list you agree to cover the postage to the next user.
  6. Send us your photos

The Current Waiting List:

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 11.59.19 AM

The International travels of the Vagabond Fly Epic Rod

Henk van Wyngaardt / South Africa

Matty Harmer / South Africa


Wayne Stegen / South Africa


Andrew Beach / South Africa


Lee Ramnaryian


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