Monday , June 18 2018
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After a frustrating morning of casting with long leaders, 6x tippet and tiny nymphs, my Spanish fly fishing guide decided to take me to stretch of river with bigger fish. In the relaxed Spanish way, we decided to have lunch first. We had some traditional country food, butifarra (Spanish pork boerewors) and patatas bravas (grilled potatoes). This dish surprised me, I thought we invented boerewors and they even gave it a cooler name?

Time to get back to the river! We parked in a random field and I followed my guide to a spot that had previously produced a big Rainbow Trout. This got me excited! He pointed out a deep run and explained the cast I needed to make to get my flies into position. I made a sloppy, yet effective cast and the flies drifted through the run. The indicator stopped and I was on! My line slowly moved off and my guide asked me if it felt big and I replied with uncertainty. The next moment the fish bolted upstream and ended up in vegetation against the bank, an opportunity lost…


The guide lifted the leader and to our surprise the fish bolted out under the vegetation! I started running like a mad man after the fish, which stopped behind a big boulder where I finally gained control. I calmly lifted the fish’s head towards the net and the fight was over!

My guide congratulated me with a crazy shoulder hit/grab/shake and said: “lucky fish, strong tippet!” Lucky indeed!

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