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The Alphonse Saltwater Vice By Vagabond Fly


The guide team of Alphonse Fishing Co. has just finished off their season and it was, keeping it modest, one for the books! There are many stats that will substantiate this, but the two that will silence even the stoutest of skeptics are the exactly 60 Permit landed for the season and a beast of a GT, 124cm, landed during the very last week by none other than Meredith McCord.

As most of our loyal readers would know the Vagabond Fly Editors, Pieter and Colin, had the life-altering opportunity to spend two weeks on Alphonse Island in the Seychelles in October 2015 and during this time was fortunate enough to pick the brains of some of the finest guides in the industry. One specific evening was spent huddled behind the video cameras, set up in the Fishing Centre, shooting fly-tying videos on location. To any fly fishing maniac this was as close to utopia as you get – an incredible fishery just outside the door, legendary fly fishing guides divulging their fly-tying recipes and secrets, set in a shop boasting everything a saltwater fly fisher requires to tame the most savage of beasts and all this whilst sipping on a good single-malt chatting into the early hours of the morning with (now) good mates.

Take into consideration that the guides we got to assume the position behind the J-Vice had been up and about since 05h00 that morning, guided a full day on the flats of St. François Atoll, entertained their celebrating guests at the bar and only then got ready to bring you these several highly insightful videos – their commitment and passion is undiluted and not easily matched. Whether you are a fly-tyer or not, preparing for a trip to a remote saltwater flat somewhere on the ‘Blue Planet’ or even green when it comes to the saline-side of fly fishing there are pearls of infinite wisdom within each of these.

These gentlemen spend an 8-month season guiding clients of varying abilities on this remote location and need to be on top of their game every cast made armed with the flies that will equate to another PB or ‘fish-of-a-life-time’ being landed.

These patterns are the result of countless hours spent on the water, consistently over several seasons, and refinement until the perfect fly finds its way from the vice to the testing grounds where regularly fooled fish are the ultimate affirmation of yet another successful pattern.

Don’t thanks us (we still can’t believe we had the opportunity to shoot these videos) thank the guide team of Alphonse Fishing Co.

Milk Magic by Wayne Haselau

Mofo Crab by Yousuf Shaikh

GT Semper by Stuart Webb

Pillow Talk by Wayne Haselau

Neutral Density Milkfish Flats Fly by Wayne Haselau

G-Route Spotted Shrimp by Kyle Reed

(Though not developed on or for Alphonse Island, but a great illustration of the ‘fishiness’ of another guide from the Alphonse Fishing Co. team)

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