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By Vagabond Fly

How do you measure someone’s relevance, influence & celebrity status within a specific cult/movement/field? You could go for the superficial ‘likes-&-follow’ measurement but personally we hinge our bets on their willingness to share, ability to keep on evolving and simply being a legendary individual. If we had our way and this was the agreed tape measure Gavin Erwin would be boxing for podium position.

We have known this ‘bru’ for a long time – he is as fishy as his artwork and one of the rare individuals who showed corporate the finger and made the call to live their passion. Reinventing yourself or simply stepping out of that ‘what you are known for’ comfort zone leaves most stunned and crumbled into the proverbial foetal position – not Gavin!

Bitch-slapping his followers with a Sharpie left hook, he recently stepped away from his signature style of oils on canvas and took to blank sheets of paper and Sharpies in a dramatic way.

We want to make an argument for Gavin Erwin being the ‘next best thing’ paper has been waiting for.

Enough of us waxing lyrical about this legend and his work. Let the samples below & his interview and anecdotes do the talking!

  1. What made you venture into the world of sharpies? 

GE – To be honest I saw a few artists playing around with the same Sharpies on fly boxes and I thought I would give it a go on paper and as soon as I completed my fist sharpie sketch ever I posted it on social media to see what the reaction would be like…I had no idea of the huge positive response it would bring that day with people fighting over this art piece and from that moment on I haven’t stopped “Sharpie-ing”

  1. Safe to say you have a new favourite medium to work with?

GE – I got to say I haven’t had so much fun with a box of “Koki” pens since…ever really!!! It is free flowing with no reel limits and restrictions when it comes to colour and composition and even subject matter.

  1. Gun to the head – art or fly fishing?

GE – Gun to head- art or fly fishing hmmmm that is a tough one but seeing that fly fishing is an art in itself I think I could justify throwing a fly for the rest of my life 😉

  1. What is the one piece you have been delaying to start on?

GE – There are a number of pieces I have been delaying due to the demand of commissions/personalized art pieces I am doing for customers so I am a little limited for time when it comes to my ideas that I want to put to paper but I would have to say the Peacock bass…ready to explode on a nice juicy popper!!!

  1. If one of your Sharpie pieces was selected for a tattoo – which one would it be and on whose skin would it be?

GE – I would have to say a Tigerfish piece on Jack Johnson’s left calf!


  1. You have been ‘Sharpie-ing’ up a storm, have you caught all the species you have drawn? If not, which one would you like to tick off first from your bucket list?

GE – There are a few that I still need to tick off my “Bucket list” but first and foremost would be the mighty Roosterfish, I just love how dramatic they are with that feathery dorsal fin that moves around in the current with every turn he takes.


  1. Barbel (aka African Sharptooth Catfish) are an acquired taste – when are you doing a Sharpie of their sexy mug-&-whiskers?

GE – I don’t know why but I do have a deep fascination for the Sharptooth catfish/barbel  and I suspect it’s the brute strength come from being one long muscle. They also have their own character and I do think they are underrated in how smart they are. I have actually done a barbel piece but as you say “it’s a face only a mother can love”

So needless to say the response rate wasn’t up with the Roosterfish hahaha!!!


We know you want your own original piece to don the man cave, remind all visitors about your recent life-changing fishing trip or simply bask in fishing goodness on a daily basis; so head over to any of these links to get hold of Gavin and order your own original piece:





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