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Your quintessential bible on one of fly fishing’s ultimate saltwater species.

By now you have probably conceded that giving up beer, prioritising gym over tying sessions and attempting to embrace a more Paleolithic diet as the building blocks to the better, leaner and stronger 2017-version of you was a shit idea! Allow us to step in and give you a new year’s resolution that will actually stick and motivate you – to catch your very own GT.

Even better we have the perfect ‘textbook’ to get you on the right track: GT – A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Giant Trevally by Peter McLeod.

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Being South African our chests swell and we walk a little bit taller when we talk to our international audience about the fabled ‘Geet’. Though we are not personally part of the actual crews, a large chunk of the original pioneering, exploration, discovery and deciphering on this fly-curious specie was done by South Africans – some off our own ruthless coastline and around Mozambique but the iconic flats fishing for GTs in the Seychelles has become somewhat iconic internationally.

Our own first encounter with the legendary GT was on St François Atoll that is managed by the Alphonse Fishing Company – it was textbook, it was epic, it hurt like childbirth (allow us some creative flare) and it was transcendent! 8/0 brush flies that lie like dinner plates in the palm of your hand, 130lb leader, 100lb core fly-lines, 12wt fly-rods, backing for days and a cork drag that has been buttoned down using a pair of pliers – still you feel significantly under gunned. Fishing for Geets strips your instincts down to their primal foundation; they have you chasing down sharks in the hope that a GT is riding off its back, sprinting waist-deep along the edge of a finger flat as you flail the kite-sized fly after a cruising shoal and drive you to tears as you reevaluate your perceived skill as a fly fisherman.

But when it all comes together in that moment of glorious chaos there is nothing like it. In a blur of spray, screams, swearing and streaking backing your arms are almost wrenched from their sockets, your bicep muscles turn to mush and you are winched off your feet. For every inch you give the GT will take 10 feet but if both you and your gear are able to withstand this grueling abuse beyond your individual breaking points you might just live long enough for the grip-n-grin.

In GT – A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Giant Trevally Peter McLeod has brought structure to this frantic mess that is fly fishing for GTs. We much prefer actual fishing over reading about it but because Peter has spent countless hours personally chasing and obsessing about these fish and has hosted trips to prime international GT destinations for years, he successfully kept us indoors longer than we usually prefer.

In Part I he not only describes in granular detail what is required and what it entails to tussle with GT’s but also gives great insight into their behaviour, moods and distribution across the blue planet. Anglers often comment that a GT will smash a well-placed flip-flop, which has been proven possible by the way, but in GT Peter clearly illustrates all the elements that need to fall into place for this to happen. Stated over-and-over hooking a GT is one thing but the fight is the ultimate equaliser and tester in the world of fly fishing. Nerves of steel? These will be stretched and bent out of shape.

Part II hones in on specific international GT destinations and by calling on his close friends and contacts from these prime locations, Peter McLeod delivers 16 invaluable Chapters each written by fly fishers who combined have spent several lifetimes obsessing, chasing and tussling with the ultimate saltwater specie. In most instances these experts are more well know than the actual destination which is exactly what you want – GT WILL put a few more destinations on your already busting bucket list.

“Would you recommend this book?” the question is always hurled our way. Put simply every fly fisher should read GT – A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Giant Trevally by Peter McLeod whether they are a boulder hopping small stream addict or a long-haired salty dog. It will stretch your own idea of what is possible with fly fishing tackle, introduce you to an array of destinations and obsessed individuals and give you a great head start onto your new resolution of landing a GT. This is not one of the theoretical textbooks, Peter McLeod has been chasing these fly-destroyers over many years at various pristine destinations and his experience, understanding and respect for the mighty GT, all gathered on the battlefield, is perfectly captured in GT – A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Giant Trevally.

Oh, for those still fantasizing about your looming washboard abs, there is a specific chapter on ‘Get fit for the Fight’ – now you have a real reason to hit the gym.


Where to get your copy

Our International audience can head over to Peter McLeod’s website for more information.

Back home in South Africa Mavungana Fly Fishing is the official distributor of GT – A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Giant Trevally in and can be purchased either online or from either one of their retail stores.

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