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Fishpond opens the vault to your questions

Of all the Q&A’s we’ve run, including the Sage Fly Fishing & Rio Products, we at Vagabond Fly were most excited to tear through some of the answers given to us by the Fishpond team. The reason being that garment, gear & accessory design and construction are topics/secrets that most companies in the outdoor game keep close to their chests… and besides, who isn’t on the lookout for new tips & ideas to make our money go a little further when purchasing those minor luxury (but oh so necessary) items we covet; and do not try to fib, we all know you have at least a single gear item that you made up a reason to purchase!

We compiled a number of questions from our readers in the #AskFishpond series of Facebook posts, sent them to the Fishpond crew and this is the insight into their world, the world of first class gear, packs & accessory design. This insight will not only help you make better gear purchasing decisions when comparing or considering your next vest, pack or luggage set but it will also show you how some businesses are more than just about the sale and that alone makes them support-worthy. Enjoy, learn & use this information on your next outing to the local fly fishing store.

What is the most hardwearing fabric the team at Fishpond have come across?

Fabric strength and weight is measured by “Denier”.  The heavier the Denier, the stronger the fabric.  These means we always have to balance “weight vs strength”.  Products like our vests, we will use a 420 Denier that is lightweight but still durable.  In certain luggage pieces we will use up to a 1680 Denier.  That fabric is extremely tough with abrasion resistance and tear strength.

How can you tell the difference between premium waterproof accessory, garment or bag and those of less quality?

The Westwater Rolltop pack
The Westwater Rolltop pack

The name of the game in waterproof, fully submersible products, is the zipper.  There are a lot of water resistant products out there that are completely waterproof in construction but not submersible.  This is because they have all their seams welded as opposed to stitched, but they do not use a Waterproof Zipper.  Products like this are great for many situations but if you are looking for a fully submersible pack, you need one that has a waterproof zipper or Roll Top Feature.  The Waterproof zippers are larger than a traditional zipper and can significantly increase the cost of the bag.  Because of this, some companies feature Roll Top Bags that allow a bag to be fully submersible, but not need the waterproof zipper.

How do you at Fishpond test packs, straps, and zips?

Our factory tests zippers and fabric with what we call “pull strength”.  The material is weighted down until it rips or breaks.  The best way to test the designs of our products is in the field and on the water. We are constantly changing and reacting to product feedback we receive.

Sling vs lumbar?

It all comes down to personal preference.  You could even throw vests into that question.  Fishermen prefer different gear and often that can change depending on the scenario.  I personally like a vest for trout fishing because of the organizational features and weight distribution on my back.  For saltwater or warmwater fishing, I bring fewer boxes and like a sling or lumbar pack.

What is one product that every member of the fishpond team uses?

I would say our Dakota Rod and Reel Case.  Travel products have always been a staple in Fishpond’s line, with most of our products being designed with fishing in mind.  Our Dakota Rod and Reel Case in the 31 inch size adheres to Airline carry on regulations.  It can also safely carry multiple rods without the need for their tubes.   Perfect for the destination angler.  A new accessory that everyone in the office has been enjoying is our Headgate Tippet Holder.

Headgate Tippet Stack
Headgate Tippet Stack

Can you tell us more about Fishpond’s initiative towards going Green?

At Fishpond, we pride ourselves on our commitment to environmental advocacy. We display this through multiple facets. Whether it is through our voice, office operations, or monetary donations. Some recent examples are how we use a nylon that is derived from recycled commercial fishing nets for our new bags.  We also give money back to different conservation organisations when customers purchase certain products.

Fishpond will always hold environmentalism as its highest standard.

Has fishpond ever considered building multi-day hiking packs for fly fishermen?

Yes we have talked about replacing our current Black Canyon with a larger version of a pack that can work as a multi-day pack with the fishing components and chest pack working as a modular system.  The market is small for this but like most everything we make, we have never let the size of the market dictate our entry into a category that we feel is needed.

Black Canyon Pack
Black Canyon Pack

As mentioned in the Q&A the team at Fishpond constantly & consistently listen to their fans and make modifications to their products based on feedback. Make sure connect with Fishpond on Facebook or Instagram to ensure you have your say in this truly innovative brand.

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