Monday , April 24 2017
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Featured Destination: Villa Maria Lodge, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina


The wind pumps but so do the fish! Stark, barren & snarling, Tierra del Fuego & the Rio Grande should come with a warning label not dissimilar to that of habanero chilies! Warning: this place is not for the sissies or those with a weak disposition for harsh fly fishing …

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Every string to your bow – Connected by Scientific Anglers


What we knew for a fact before we departed for the Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina was the following: It was at the end of 26-grueling-hours of traveling from Johannesburg to Sao Paolo, then on to Buenos Aires and then a final leg down to the town of Rio …

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Extreme Exterus Outdoor Development


Wind tunnel tested by Vagabond Fly Editors’ note: Over the last couple of years we’ve had great success & have superb confidence when fishing Exterus Outdoor Development Apparel. From sun shirts in the Seychelles to comfortable flannel while chasing Tigerfish or Yellowfish on our adventures we have never been disappointed. …

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Orvis® Helios 2 10ft 4-Weight (Tip Flex) & Hyrdos SL II Reel – FINAL Review

PC Stu Harley

By Vagabond Fly Editors’ Note: This is our third and final instalment in the review of the Orvis® Helios 2 10ft 4-Weight (Tip Flex) & Hyrdos SL II Reel. Refer to these to links in the series: Orvis® Helios 2 10’ 4-weight (Tip Flex) Review – Part 1 Orvis® Hydros SL …

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By Vagabond Fly Editor’s Note: This is our third trip to this world-class fishery and each trip has been as unique and memorable as those before it. This is the report of trip 1 of 2 for the season hosted by Vagabond Fly’s Pieter Taljaard. The music was loud enough …

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LOOP Evotec Cast Rods – the Fast 8wt & 9wt tested on Tigerfish


By Vagabond Fly Editors’ Note: In a world of premium rods breaking new ground it is fantastic to see global brands entering the midrange price market with high quality tapers & proper R&D budgets. LOOP Tackle is no different & boy did they come to the party with the CAST …

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By Vagabond Fly In July, during the 2016 rendition of the International Fly Tackle Dealers (IFTD) tradeshow we stepped onto the Scientific Anglers booth and received a welcome liken to long-lost family showing up for Sunday lunch. Yeah, maybe biased, but we also think we are rad guys and would be happy …

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Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX Fly Line Review


Mastery Presentation Taper MPX stands for Mastery Presentation Taper: that’s a pretty bold statement! The team at Scientific Anglers also call it the best all-round fly line they have ever made. Another bold statement! Even more so when you consider that the MPX is by & large replacing the discontinued …

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Ichingo Chobe River Lodge Review


African hospitality & Tigerfish What do you get when you cross the African bush, Tigerfish & world class hospitality? Ichingo Chobe River Lodge on Impalila Island, Namibia, that’s what! Both Vagabond Fly editors were fortunate to spend a few days exploring Ichingo Chobe River Lodge & the Tigerfish infested waters …

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