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BOKONG RIVER – A Guide’s Perspective

By Vagabond Fly

Planning, expenses, spousal navigation and days’ worth of fly-tying are just some of the challenges that go into any fly fishing trip. Once there all the preparation dissolves not unlike an effervescent tablet and you are left to take in the scenery, the fishing and revel in the entire experience. The one thing most neglect to pack is a semi-decent camera or when they do often the excitement and fishing takes over and they leave with zero images of the trip and those memorable fish and times spent with good mates.

On a trip to Tourette Fishing’s Makhangoa Community Camp in Lesotho to fish the Bokong River the risk of this happening is particularly high – wild, remote, pristine and epic sight-fishing with dry-flies to Smallmouth Yellowfish turn the most organised of anglers into drooling children! Enter your guides and hosts Stu Harley and Johann du Preez. Some people are simply born with heaps of natural talent and amongst all their other ninja-like-skills both these gentlemen know their way around a camera!

So much so that most guest to the camp eventually leave the cameras at home and simply rely on Stu & Johann’s images – each guest receives a flash-drive with these on at the end of the trip.

We always return from Tourette Fishing’s Makhangoa Community Camp with a hard-drive full of photo and video content, but this is as seen from a Vagabond Fly angle. Below we have selected several images from both Stu Harley and Johann du Preez to not only highlight their photographic skill but also give you a Guide’s Perspective of latest trip to the Bokong River.



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