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A stitch in time..

The happenings at Vagabond Fly

Read this short editorial as a bastardization between a confession & a mission statement!

We have been bad! We know this now and we are changing… we hope you have loved the ride so far, but things cannot continue like this. You see, it was never our mission to create a content hungry animal but rather build an audience of like-minded fly fishing nutters that live & breathe this sport of ours. We are fly fishermen when we are on and off the water & we want Vagabond Fly to reflect that.

We want Vagabond Fly to represent that escape to you as well… but we slipped into the mode of content for content sake, and we failed ourselves & you!

This we know is true and it is our solemn promise to change – we are reverting to the pure & innocent modus operandi with which we started Vagabond Fly. We dreamed of building a community of upliftment. Although we have never strayed from this mindset we did get lost trying to provide what we thought everyone wanted.

Vagabond Fly Mag is dead, long live Vagabond Fly!

Is Vagabond Fly Mag finished? Are you kidding, no ways! Do we want to stop growing? Hell no, definitely not. Do we want to stop digging for content simply to publish an article online, oh man yes we do! So then, what is changing?

This is what you can expect to see within Vagabond Fly going forward: Quality!

Quality over quantity, and a return to the fun & lifestyle content that set us apart & kick-started our international fly fishing “careers”. Your experience via social media will change very little but within the pages of our online content you will see a marked attempt to only provide the most fun, interesting & kick-ass content this side of landing your personal best fish on fly.

We cannot wait to bring you:

  • More video
  • Better photography
  • More featured destinations
  • Side-splitting comic experiments
  • Crazier adventures
  • Wild fun & derring-do
  • More invitations to join us on adventures
  • Some insight into the products changing our fly fishing lives
  • Some of the most interesting food, drink, artists & celebrities that love fly fishing


As fly fisherfolk we are free, we are wild & we are some of the most fun individuals on the planet. We at Vagabond Fly will make sure we never forget the fact. Join our revolution! Power to the people who fly fish!

Your mates in getting #PurposefullyLost
Colin & Pieter

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